Supreme Council

The objects of the Party shall includes:
  • To promote the political advancement of the inhabitants of Malaysia with the aim of maintaining the principles of Parliamentary democracy through constitutional means;
  • To ensure the constitutional rights and freedom of assembly, speech and religion and secure and to protect the civil liberty of citizens;
  • To promote the social, economic and cultural development of the inhabitants of Malaysia and particularly to improve the earning power of the individuals thereby raising their standard of living;
  • To promote the league of friendship and racial harmony of all races and to inspire all persons to live in a true spirit of tolerance, co-operation, understanding, self-reliance and honest endeavor; and
  • To co-operate or affiliate or ally with any political organization or party in any part of Malaysia having similar view, principles, policies and objectives for the benefit and in the interest of the people and country.
  • To give and to receive donations from the party and to the party for any purposes to benefit the party and its members, and to awards education bursary to any needy students approved by the supreme council and/or to provide financial assistance to party members or any others affected by natural disaster,

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Sarawak Workers Party
Lot 9373, Section 64,
KTLD 121-A, Jalan Kenny Hill,
93350 Kuching, Sarawak.